So my birthday is coming up in a couple days and wanted to touch on the subject. As a kid i would assume i loved birthdays as all kids do. In middle school this changed a bit as i became aware of “birthday beatdowns” which sounds like it is, you get hit for how ever… Continue reading Birthday

3rd Entity

I am a believer in therapy, i think it can do a lot of help for all people but especially with mental health. Now i write this without ever going to a one on one therapy session, I definitely want to at some point I just haven’t been at that comfort level maybe or place… Continue reading 3rd Entity

Grieving Circle

When we think of grief i think we automatically think of losing someone but there is grief surrounding every traumatic event in our lives. you may or may not realize you are going through it but i think it is important and can help if you do realize as it can answer some questions of… Continue reading Grieving Circle

Pain Scale

Pain Scales are dumb. There truely is no usable data from them. This is also coming from a former EMT and Firefighter. Pain scale can not tell you what is going on or why and it is completely dependent on the person and even the injury. Ever stubbed your pinky toe? That shit hurts! At… Continue reading Pain Scale


So i got my first shot yesterday. I dont know if i was necessarily on the fence about the vaccine, when it was first talked about or whatever you hear or research other vaccines in the past and some of the effects from those etc which can make you question it and what could be… Continue reading Vaccine


So i have noticed that if i do not write when i get the urge or energy to it will not happen; i can have a good idea or something i want to say, even write it down but a hour or whatever later the i guess you can say desire it gone maybe the… Continue reading Narcolepsy


Brain fog kinda feels like jello, atleast right now it does. Mushy can’t really make one form as you as you move it to a different container or plate it falls apart. That is brain fog currently, move from one thought to any other and its mush. You’re Strong You’re Important You Matter You’re Not… Continue reading Jello

Mental vs Physical Energy

Yes there is a difference! Something i dont think i ever realized until after the accident; actually probably years after the accident but it makes sense. Physical Energy is what we are all used to i guess you can say; you work out exercise whatever and your muscles can only do some much as you… Continue reading Mental vs Physical Energy

Brain Fog

Brain fog is obviously not a medical term, it is just usually the best way to describe how we are feeling during these episodes. Some people relate it to the feeling of jet lag, i have only flown a few times and cannot remember what this feeling is like but maybe you do. Besides jet… Continue reading Brain Fog


Hygene is the worst. I was going to say just showering was the worst but now that i think about it all of it is. Putting deodorant can be tough for me because smells/odors are a HUGE trigger for my migraines and finding a low scent that still does the job has been a struggle;… Continue reading Hygene